Preplanning is...

  • Simple, practical, thoughtful, and affordable
  • Provides an opportunity to make decisions at a time when you are better prepared to do so
  • Provides "peace of mind" for everyone involved in the process
  • Controls cost
  • Avoids emotional overspending
  • Provides an asset exemption for the Medical Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program, or other public assistance programs

More and more families are making arrangements prior to need. For your convenience, our staff can meet with you in the comfort of your own home, or at our funeral home. Our staff is always available to explain the myriad of options, and to answer questions. These questions often are about the medical assistance or SSI asset exemptions, Veterans and Social Security benefits, public assistance, or death away from home. Please feel free to contact us at no cost or obligation.
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Online Pre-arrangement Form - You may also pre-arrange your information on-line by completing our Pre-Arrangement Form. Another prearrangement alternative would be to print out our Pre-arrangement Form and mail the information to the funeral home. This information will be kept in our confidential pre-arrangement file.


Many families opt to pre-fund final expenses. The most common reason for pre-funding these expenses is to provide an asset exemption for the Medical Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program, or other public assistance programs. Listed below are two options you may wish to consider. For a personal consultation, Jackie Thomas, our pre-need specialist, may be contacted by calling her at 838-4997, or contact us for an appointment.


Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance is the nation's most popular method of pre-funding final expenses. The Thomas Family Funeral Home is pleased to be affiliated with Fortis Family Life Insurance Company, a global leader in the insurance industry, and one of the largest pre-need companies in the world. The company is currently rated "A excellent" by A.M. Best and is ranked in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 Index.

Consumers choose funeral insurance because of its flexible payment options and tax deferred growth. This policy will pay the full death benefit amount, irregardless of the amount of premiums that have been paid, as long as the policy is in force. Rates can never be increased nor the plan cancelled, and this insurance may be an asset exemption for Medicaid, SSI or public assistance purposes. Funds which are not used for final expenses are refunded to the estate of the deceased, or are paid to the secondary beneficiary of the policy.

Pre-paid Funeral Trust Accounts

The Thomas Family Funeral Home is pleased to offer this option as an alternative for prearrangement financing. It is an especially popular option for the elderly, or those that have health related difficulties. Key benefits include: interest income, a 100% revocation allowance, which means the funds may withdrawn at any time without penalty, and oversight by the North Dakota Securities Commissioner, as well as professional management of the funds by the Bank's Trust administrator. Annual tax documents are mailed directly to the account owner. Funds which are not used for the disposition are refunded to the estate of the deceased.

For other options or alternatives, please contact us.