Our Staff

The personnel of the Thomas Family Funeral Home are caring, experienced professionals who listen carefully to each family. They offer a wide choice of services and personalized alternatives and arrange services which honor your traditions and financial means. Our staff is large and experienced enough to serve all who request our services, and small enough to remember the importance of the personal and thoughtful touch.

Funeral Directors

Bradley J. Thomas - Owner/Licensed Funeral Director/Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
Bryan D. Thomas - Owner/Licensed Funeral Director/Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
Mark Roth - Owner/Licensed Funeral Director
Jessica Opland Carpenter - Licensed Funeral Director
Paige Zietz - Licensed Funeral Director
Dennis Gendreau - Licensed Funeral Director

Non-Licensed Staff

Jackie Thomas - Pre-need Specialist
Sue Thomas - Aftercare Coordinator
Lorraine Thomas - Funeral Assistant
Ben Berg - Funeral Assistant
Merlin Allerdings - Funeral Assistant 
Don Caldwell - Funeral Assistant 
Boyd Hanson - Funeral Assistant
Mike Knoop - Funeral Assistant
Wayne Schempp - Funeral Assistant 
Bob Sundberg - Funeral Assistant 
Rodney Tryhus - Funeral Assistant
Gary Wittliff - Funeral Assistant
Judy Anderson - Visitation Receptionist 
Dorothy Bjertness - Visitation Receptionist 
Becky Broughton - Visitation Receptionist 
Ona Gandrud - Visitation Receptionist 
Pam Hopkins - Visitation Receptionist 
Nell Marie Killip - Visitation Receptionist 
Joylea Knutson - Visitation Receptionist
Mae McKinley - Visitation Receptionist
Marlys Orluck - Visitation Receptionist 
Margaret Ronnie - Visitation Receptionist 
Mary Van Lith - Hairstylist