Below are comments made by client families that we have recently served in our ministry. We invite you to view other testimonials on our Facebook page.

Thomas Family Funeral Home Staff,

We would like to thank you for all of your help in making necessary arrangements for our mother's memorial service.

We also appreciate the wonderful support all of you provided for the past couple months.

Thanks again,
~The Family of LK


Thomas Family Funeral Home,

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided for our family at the time of W's passing. You helped us make the needed decisions without putting pressure on us. We felt you were kind and caring during our time of loss. We appreciate you!

~The V. Family


Mark & Staff,

Thank you for all of your help, kind words, and going the extra mile to make our mom's funeral go so smoothly. You did everything-it was nice to know things were being taken care of in this most difficult time. We appreciate everything!

~The B. Family


Dear Mark,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in helping us plan our mother's funeral. You went above and beyond. We felt very comforted and "at home" with you and appreciate all that you did for us. And, a special thank you for making the CDs; it was so, so nice of you.

Your professionalism and graciousness were outstanding and we will never forget it. God bless you and the staff at Thomas Family Funeral Home.

~The E. Family



Our family is so grateful for the way you handled the services for W.

W and I had many lengthy conversations about death. What could we do to make it easier for the family to deal with and for one of us being suddenly left alone to take care of. So we saw a need to preplan.

God bless Jackie- she made it so easy to talk about it and was able to make us understand the entire process. She was so capable of explaining exactly what we would be faced with in a professional, friendly way, and then kept us updated.

Last but not least Brad came into the picture. You put all of us at ease from the time we entered the door. You listened to all six of us about our thoughts and concerns.

I knew we had come to the right place. From then on everything was done beyond our expectations.

Each of the children wanted me to let you know you are appreciated. Your concern for me- prearrangement to step in and make it all come together with respect and dignity.

God bless you!

With heartfelt thanks,
~J & Family


Dear Brad,

I don’t know where to begin to express my deep-felt gratitude for all your help during the past couple weeks. To just say “thank you” is not adequate. You must have inherited the caring heart and love from your grandfather, Ben. That history with J will never be forgotten.

Me and my family could not have been in better hands than yours, Brad. And it sifted down to your staff whose cares and concerns for all of us were always there.

I am deeply appreciative of being able to sit in the vehicle at the burial. I was able to hear and see it all. The hours you spent with us on that day of planning the memorial service were many with you covering details for us carefully. Those hours of your time proved themselves in a beautiful day of saying our last “goodbyes” to my dear J.

I was deeply moved with the military participation and the flag folding; my gratefulness to you for making those arrangements.

Their presence and their participation was very meaningful to me. There members get smaller but they continue to give the honor and respect for their military service- and then passing that honor and love to others.

Brad, again and again and again, my heartfelt gratitude.


Brad, Jackie, Mark & Everyone at Thomas Family Funeral Home:

I just wanted to say you have such a wonderful funeral home. My brother recently passed away and we used our local funeral home. No comparison! Mark, your ability to design programs and the picture board for in the casket is so wonderful and I look at my board of my husband and smile every day. Not once did the funeral director mention he would take care of my brother like you did. I had to ask for a private viewing before the funeral. Your funeral home just does it. The quality of service you give the family and loved ones is so wonderful.


The way you made my husband look was so amazing. It made me feel so good to see him so peaceful- rested. I didn't see that with my brother. My daughter is 22; she even said how nice you made my husband look compared to my brother. So, thank you so much for everything you do for families and what you did for me!



Dear Brad,

We want to thank you again for your incredible service to our family last week. Your demeanor was so helpful, always gracious, continuously going the extra mile, and constantly non-anxious and present. We simply could not have asked for a better experience.

Your whole staff is to be commended for their professionalism, promptness, and creativity. You all ,indeed, helped us navigate our father's death with integrity, elegance, and thrift.

God bless the very important work you do among the families who are at their most vulnerable and compromised. This is definitely a ministry.
~The Family of A.D.

On behalf of our entire family, but especially my wife and myself, I wish to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" for a wonderful service for Loren. Your preparation, forethought and total consideration to providing the very best in solicitude to the family, and the total commitment by the entire staff at Thomas Family Funeral Home truly came through. From the first meeting with the family, and your attention to detail, all the way through the burial service, you are to be commended. Thank you Brad for being who you are, what you represent to the entire Minot area and it's families at a time like this. Thomas Family Funeral Home has always had a high standard of professionalism in its services. I'm proud to see that past tradition of professionalism, and yet that personal touch is indeed being carried on at Thomas Family Funeral Home. 
~D. & C. O.

Dear Brad & Wonderful Staff,

My sisters and I want to thank you so much for your amazing professionalism and sensitivity in the care of our mom.

From that moment at Somerset, when I didn't know where to turn, you, and your wife, made me feel immediately in good hands. Thanks just aren't enough; it just means the world to us all!

~The H. Family

Brad & Staff:

Our sincere thanks to you and your wonderful staff for helping us celebrate Mom's life. You guided us through this difficult time with such ease. We were so very pleased with Mom's appearance. Peace and prayers.

~The family of M.L.

Thomas Family Funeral Home Directors & Staff:
The family of J.K. would like to express our sincere appreciation to all…for their many acts of kindness in our loss. Special thanks to Bryan and Brad Thomas and their staff for helping and guiding our family through the process. We were blessed to have the support of a varsity team. Your kindness has helped to ease our heartfelt loss and we will forever be grateful. May God bless each and every one of you!
~D. & Family

Just a note from the family to "Thank you" for your services. You did a wonderful job with mom as well as our father, and you've always done it so professionally. We put our complete trust in you, and you never let us down. Thank you so much for that! In times like these, it's so hard to keep focus. People need people like you and your staff! Mother will be very deeply missed, but she will always live in our hearts.
"Thank you so very much once again!"
~ The family of L.L.
Dear Brad & Bryan and the Thomas Family Funeral Home Staff:
Thank you for your professional and caring services for our husband and father. Your attention to detail was very appreciated. God Bless your ministry of caring for hurting families.
~ Sincerely, the M. family
Thomas Family Staff:
We thank you so very, very much! you make it so effortless.
~O.A. & Family
Thomas Family Funeral Home Staff,
Thank you for everything you've done for Mom's funeral. I can't thank you enough or tell you how much we appreciate it. You did a wonderful job!
Thank you again,
~The G.L. Family
Bryan, Brad, Mark & staff of Thomas Family Funeral Home:
We can't express enough. Our thanks for all you've done for our family. This was a difficult time for us, but you were a comfort for us by having your courteous staff and your amazing organization. We would refer you to anyone who asked. Thank you!
~ The U. family
Thomas Funeral Home:
Thank you for your time and the compassion you showed helping us through the loss of our Grandson. We are touched by your kindness and concern. With love and gratitude.
~ D & M
Mark & Staff of the Thomas Family Funeral Home:
Thank you for your professional and caring service. What could have been amazingly overwhelming was handled in a smooth manner. Dad was beautiful - you helped us see that by your fabulous work. You are all in your positions at the funeral home for a reason. Special jobs for special people. Bryan and Sue, Thanks for being there - wonderful to know "friends" like you ~ it seemed so much more comforting for me personally. On behalf of our family - Thank you!
~ All of the K. family
Brad & Staff:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for all your services you provided to us for our son. Your professionalism and kindness is the reason our family has and always will use Thomas Funeral Home
Dear Brad:
Thank you for your kindness and the lovely way the funeral turned out. What a blessing to be able to plan with and have things taken care of by a friend. We were all very pleased with things from the obituary, pictures, suggestions, the service itself and the detail attended to by you and your staff.
~ L.
Brad & Mark:
I appreciate all the special attention you pay to detail...the send off for my grandmother was what she would have wanted. Thank you for that! You provide great service...other cities could learn a lot from you.
~ L.W.
Mr. Mark Roth:
A special thanks to you for your comforting way and guidance. Also, thank you for helping with grandma's casket. You helped our two little guys be part of grandma's honor. Peace be with you, always.
~ H.T.
Dear Brad and Staff:
"When we look back, what we'll remember most are those times when kindness made a difference in our lives." My family and I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing help and support and planning with dad's funeral. You were so patient and gentle with us. God Bless you for the incredible service you do.
~ With our sincere gratitude, M.F.D.
Entire Staff of Thomas Family Funeral Home:
Thank you so much for all you have done four our family. Your entire staff was absolutely wonderful. It was not a good situation, however, your guidance allowed us to focus on all the important issues of a life well lived.
~ M.V.
Dear Brad:
Our family wants to thank you for the wonderful help during our sad time. Also, thanks to all the staff who were so helpful as well. Thank you to Jackie for her visits.
~ E.S. Family
Dear Brad and Staff:
I want to thank you so very much for all you did for us when mom passed away. I appreciate your caring, patience, and professionalism. I'm also very touched that you chose to include Mom in the Living Memorial Program.

Dear Brad & Staff:

Thank you for your help and support during the loss of our dad and husband. We are grateful for all that you do to help and comfort families during their time of loss. Your service was excellent and very professional. We felt like we were important and our needs were met.

Thank you for all that you do.
~The W. Family


Dear Brad & Wonderful Staff,

My sisters and I want to thank you so much for your amazing professionalism and sensitivity in the care of our mom.

From that moment at Somerset, when I didn't know where to turn, you, and your wife, made me feel immediately in good hands. Thanks just aren't enough; it just means the world to us all!

~The H. Family